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Cruises and Most Tours Requirements

Most Cruises and Vacation Packages Require at least the following:

1. Full Name

2. Birthdate

3. Email

4. Phone Number

5. Address

If more than one person is traveling at least 2 people's information is needed to put a booking on hold. The rest can be TBA.

Upon Making a deposit and securing the booking We need the following information above.

Concerning Travel Agents Scamming!

In no way does Trinity Travel support or approve of Scamming.  It has been brought to my attention by people looking for a travel agent that they have called other travel agents and were asked to give them Cash, Cash Cards, their Driver's License information, and banking information. Please don't do this.  This is not required to work with a Travel Agent. We do not ask for a bank card until a booking and deposit is made.


I'm always looking for new and exciting vacations to plan with you. Let's connect!

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